Targetbase Insourcing
is now
The Walk Agency.

The Walk Agency  maintains a network of specialists on call for executing across media, geographies and technologies. This network is used for our own work and we also make them available to work directly with our clients, via a flexible insourcing model.

An elastic network of talent, at your disposal

Do you need help finding great talent? We proudly maintain a network of talented individuals working across all disciplines of marketing, whether it’s creative, development, reporting…you name it, we’re probably doing it. And now, this network is available to you.


Call it marketing automation, funnel marketing, lead management, lead nurture or segmentation, it’s all about the same thing: data driven marketing. An increasingly important area of marketing these days, we’re dedicated to maintaining talented resources in this space.


Digital, online, mobile, web, social, tweets, posts, likes, blogs, websites, microsites, pages, apps, SEM, SEO, CMS, email, portals – it’s complex. But daunting? No, it’s thrilling. Especially when you have the right team in place.

Integrated Marketing

Our dedication to integrated marketing has garnered our team a wide range of experience across a variety of marketing disciplines. Our talented network works across a range of mediums and can help  you achieve whatever results you need through whatever channels will work best.


Our talented creative network can offer you all the bright and shiny things that you’d expect, plus the critical and analytical thinking that you don’t, and the expertise and experience to execute effectively.

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